1. All BEYBLADE battles must occur in BEYSTADIUM! -- BEYSTADIUM cannot be on table or other elevated surfaces.
2. To begin official BEYBLADE battles, BEYBLADE tops must be launched after the signal of 3,2,1 LET IT RIP!
3. Only one launch per battle -- battle ends when one top stops spinning.
4. If player touches opponent during opponent's launch of top, player loses 1 point.
5. Player scores 1 point if opponent does not launch top into the BEYSTADIUM.
6. If player's top enters one of the three penalty pockets anytime during battle, opponent scores 2 points (max score of 2 points per battle).
7. Player scores 1 point if his/her top spins longer than opponent's top.
8. If player touches BEYSTADIUM during battle, opponent scores 3 points-battle immediately over.
9. Compete in multiple battles-the player with 7 or more points at the completion of a battle wins! oof
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